Pastors Steve and Cheryl Ingram are authors, musicians, a keyboardist and singer respectively, conference speakers and ministers who have released many books, musical recordings and teaching materials. They have traveled the world extensively in the ministry of Jesus Christ and are the pastors of Word of Faith Family Church in Orlando, Florida.

Steve Ingram was the arranger and pianist for Kenneth Copeland’s musical recordings for many years and directed the Kenneth Copeland Band. He was the arranger on the Grammy nominated album, “In His Presence.” Cheryl is a soloist and studio backup singer who sang on the vocal team and is the author of the original theme song for the television program, The Believers Voice of Victory, entitled, “You’ll Never be the Same Again.” They have been in concert ministry with many well-known Gospel artists and have been licensed and ordained through Kenneth Copeland Ministries for 30 years.

Over the years, they have been instrumental in training musicians and ministers through the IMI School of Ministry and Music. Originally hosting the School of the Psalmist in various nations and in the United States, Steve and Cheryl have literally witnessed thousands who have developed spiritual as well as natural giftings.

Dr. Steve and Cheryl Ingram are committed to the ministry of Jesus Christ preaching and teaching and healing ALL and everywhere the Holy Spirit sends them. However, their most prized calling is that of PASTORS of our rapidly growing Word of Faith Family Church. They consider it a privilege and honor to shepherd God’s people.

Something remarkable happens when you are in the heart of your pastor. That’s why everybody needs a church home and the loving care that only a shepherd can offer. If you are looking for such a place of encouragement and strength, we want to be that church home for you.

Pastor Rosella Ridings serves as the founding Pastor of Word of Faith Family church. She has served in many ministry capacities from pastor’s daughter, pastor’s wife, co-pastor, missionary, church administrator, music minister, Christian School Administrator, Administrative Assistant to Evangel Fellowship International and Evangel Cathedral in Spartanburg, SC, and senior pastor of Heart of Orlando Worship Center.

Rosella is President and Co-Founder of Ridings’ Ministries International, and is ordained by Evangel Fellowship International. She continues to minister world-wide through conferences, church meetings, home meetings, television and radio.

Pastor Rosella Ridings continues to be the founding Pastor of Word of Faith Family Church and traveling and ministering through Ridings Ministries International and Metro Hope For Kids.

Pastors Andrew and Liebe are the associate pastors at Word of Faith Family Church and Area Leaders for Chariots of Light a ministry of Dr. Jerry Savelle Ministries . They have been members and served at WOFFC since 2001. Andrew and Liebe have served in the ministry their entire lives ranging from children’s ministry, greeting, ushering, youth ministry, hospitality you name it and they’ve done it. They have been entrepreneurs in their community helping under privileged youth obtain their GED, giving them job skills and putting them back in the workforce. In 2004 they attended and graduated IMI School of the Psalmist. Pastor Andrew is currently attending Life Christian University and perusing his doctorate in Theology. Pastor Liebe has studied in the area of law and has worked as a paralegal for over 10 years. Together with their two beautiful daughters they are perusing the call of God on their lives by serving Dr. Steve and Pastor Cheryl Ingram at Word of Faith. They have an amazing testimony of faith through tragedy and seeing great victory in God’s healing power. They have a heart of excellence and it shows in everything they do.