2024-The Year of More and More and More and More!

What about 2024?

2024 is going to be a powerful year! There are going to be some marvelous things happen! It is like the old saying, “It will be the best of times and the worst of times.”

There are some things that will settle down during 2024. There are some things that will speed up. This outpouring of My Spirit that has happened is happening all over the world and will get more intensified. It will be stronger and stronger and stronger.

The devil will get all upset. But, who does he think he is? I took his power away from him in his own domain. I embarrassed him in hell, right in front of all that served him and destroyed his power and brought him to naught and brought him to nothing! He has nothing left but the lie, and he’ll lie and lie and lie. He will upset a lot of people. There will still be wars and rumors of wars. But, there are coming victories that you are going to be so thrilled about! There are going to be financial wars that you are going to win.

I Will Take Care of You

Don’t you be concerned about My State of Israel. Those are My people! I picked Abraham. I picked him out of all the people on the planet. I picked him.

You are his seed, and I will bless you because you are his seed. I will take care of you because you are taking care of My people. I will watch over your house, and I will watch over your door. I will see to it that the thief stays away from your house! I will see to it that the Blood of the Lamb will be the victory in your life!

Great Victories in Nations

There are cities in the United States that have been in very great turmoil that are suddenly going to become peaceful. The politics of this nation are being reversed. I stopped that abortion killer! I saw to it that the proper people were put on the Supreme Court for the supreme purpose of stopping abortion. Now, it is on its way out! And life and life abundantly that I promised you, I said it when I was on the earth. “The thief comes but to steal, to kill and to destroy, but I have come that you might have life and that you might have it in abundance until it overflows” because I am the Good Shepherd.

I went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. He is still the oppressor, and I am still the Healer. We will work together, and we will see great victories come in this nation! We will see great victories come in Italy. We will see great victories in China. Do not forget the millions and tens of millions and millions and millions and millions of millions of My people in China. You do not even know this. When you pick up something that says, “Made in China,” you don’t know but what one of My Spirit-filled people made that dress. Or they made that pair of shoes, or they prayed in the Spirit over you when their hands touched it.

So do not look at the worst side. Look at the best side! I am the God of all people. I have people that you know not of. I have people in industry. I have people that are working the streets. Hallelujah, so rejoice and be glad about 2024!

Rejoice, Listen and Obey

“2024 will be a year of more and more and more and more! More finances. More healings. More miracles. More outpourings. More people coming to Jesus. More things happening. I am the God of increase,” saith the LORD. “I am not the god of death. I am the God of war!” Thank you, Jesus.

Now I must tell you something by the Spirit. I believe in war. But, there comes a time when mean, unreasonable, demonic people oppress people to the point that local law enforcement cannot handle it. That is when the Prince of Peace rises up and says, “Teach my hands to fight!” “So, rejoice and be glad! For I have things well under control for those that will obey Me and will listen to My voice. I will keep you and protect you throughout 2024. Pray, obey, and vote!”